Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Journaling

I recently covered the Art Journaling group for a colleague. The group addresses high risk factors for sex offenders, and the day's topic was addressing how this population views women as deceptive. The directive was to create an image about a time that a woman did something genuinely nice for you. The responses were varied, including one man who had a hard time thinking of any time that had happened to him. He had difficulty in his relationships because he never felt love and affection from his parents. Another patient talked about how he felt when his fiancee had bought him gifts. Others talked about the love they had felt from their mother and grandmother. Though one man said that his mother doted on him so much that he used to compare the love of all women to that of his mother, and that adversely affected his relationships with women. The technique the group participants used was silhouetting, and they all seemed to enjoy the creative process.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Male vs. Female energy

My colleague presented at the AATA conference about male and female energy since the field of Art Therapy is dominated by women. He talked about his presentation during a recent supervision, and the Art Therapists were invited to make art about the topic. It was an interesting discussion since most of the group are women working with male sex offenders who alternately need male and female energy depending on the situation. The Art Therapists at the hospital have had to be more in touch with both their male and female sides in order to work with this population. Much of the art work depicted an integration of the male and female energies. A great topic for thought and discussion, with staff or with patients.