Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art Therapy with Forensic Population

Due to a recent loss of a tool during a studio group, we've had to overhaul our procedures for handling tools in the Art Center. When I first started at the hospital when it opened, I had no experience with forensics, and did the best I could in setting up policy and procedure. Through an on going learning process, I've discovered that a good part of forensic Art Therapy includes safety and security. Every item has its place. Everything is labeled. Items must be specifically checked out to patients. Every tool has to be accounted for. Every sharp and hazmat has to be disposed of properly. Back stock inventory must be accurate. We are constantly organizing and counting items. This is obviously time consuming and frustrating, and still subject to human error.  It takes adjustment and flexibility on the part of staff and patients. However, when the environment is safe, then that creates a space where therapy and healing can take place.