Friday, February 20, 2015

What makes a good facilitator/staff member?

Today in Art Therapy supervision, I asked the Art Therapists to make a list of characteristics they thought a good facilitator/therapist/staff member should have to work with the forensic populations that we treat at the hospital. After everyone made their list, I gave them a list of qualities that was complied from patients when I asked them the same question. We compared our list for overlaps and differences. There were many overlaps including empathy, being authentic, and challenging the patient. Many of the therapists listed good boundaries while none of the patients did. When I was having the patients do this exercise, I asked them why they didn't list boundaries, and they said that it was a given. Though, obviously, from staff's perspective, and in reality, it's not a given at the hospital. Then I asked the Art Therapists in supervision to create an image about one of the listed (patient or staff) qualities that they would like to work on or improve. Many of the therapists responded to one characteristic a patient listed about the ability to break down barriers. Other images included using diplomacy, facilitating group dynamics, and being a positive role model. The topic brought up interesting discussions and food for thought.