Saturday, March 21, 2015

Art Therapy Poster Presentation

I recently had the opportunity to present a poster at the Forensic Mental Health Association of California conference. The poster was on The Use of Art Therapy to Address Dynamic Risk Factors with Sexual Offenders. The poster gave a description of Art Therapy, listed some dynamic risk factors for sex offenders, outlined how we facilitate Art Therapy at the hospital, and displayed some patient art work. This was my first poster presentation, so it was good experience for me. I had to convert a PowerPoint presentation to fit onto a poster. I struggled with the layout, and sought out feedback from peers. Then I had to figure how to use spray adhesive! At the conference, I was able to meet and interact with many different people and answer questions about my poster and where I work. I try to present at conferences to help other disciplines learn about Art Therapy and how it can be helpful with their clients, as well as challenge myself professionally.