Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stress Management through art Therapy

I recently had the opportunity to offer an Art Therapy directive at a Stress Management workshop offered to the community. I asked everyone to draw a Mandala, and fill it with their stress. I told them they could use whatever images, colors, shapes, etc. that they wanted to represent their stress. Most participants were very receptive to trying Art Therapy and got into the exercise. One woman drew several small images representing how she felt stressed about her granddaughter and how to teach her about being responsible about finances. Another person drew a jumble of jagged lines of various colors to represent stress. One participant used different symbols to express different areas of stress in her life and how she has been coping with it. This can be a good directive because sometimes just getting out your feelings can be helpful. Another directive could be to draw a Mandala with a calming or peaceful image. Mandalas are meditative and containing, so they can be a helpful tool in managing stress.