Sunday, January 18, 2015

The importance of self awareness and introspection

This week in supervision, I asked everyone to think of some of their issues or baggage and to represent them symbolically.  Then, each person could reveal as much as they felt comfortable talking about or just speak generally about the topic. Mainly, I wanted the Art Therapists to think about how what has happened in their past or what is going on in their personal lives can affect their work as therapists. For example, if you have experienced abuse in your past and you are working with abused patients, that may affect your ability to work with this type of patient, particularly if the patient is an abuser as well. It is especially important when working with the forensic population to be mindful of your boundaries, and what might cause you to cross boundaries. Sex offenders are very perceptive and manipulative, and it is easy to be fooled by their charm. They pick up on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and try to exploit them. We also talked about how lack of confidence and over confidence can get you in trouble. We discussed the importance of your own personal therapy if your own issues are impeding your ability as a therapist. Hopefully, bringing up this topic will help the therapists think more about their own issues and how those issues can affect their work.