Sunday, January 15, 2017

Power Thought Cards

For supervision last week, I asked everyone to fold their paper in half. I asked everyone to create an image on one side of a problem, difficult patient, or challenging situation. After they did that, I passed around some Power Thought Cards (box of 64 by Louise Hay) with various sayings on the front and back. I asked everyone to choose one that resonated with them or related to the image they drew, and then create another image on the other half of the paper related to the card they chose. Some therapists drew about a challenging patient, other's drew about difficulties with other staff. The Power Thought Cards served as an inspirational idea or a positive affirmation. The cards are useful in groups with patients as well. I used them in my poetry group as inspirations for poems, and in my Visual Journaling group as inspiration for stress management and coping skills. 

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